Portfolio Category: Graphic Design

Petco Rebrand Concept

  This Petco rebrand was created to express playfulness through branding while caring for pets. While creating this I aimed to find a way that I could create something fun without using a figure of an animal. I accomplished this by using hand drawn illustrations of pet supplies. These items are part of a concept …

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Collaboration with Kathryn Meenan and Lisa Criscione was used in order to create informative print and digital designs for the MDes program at BGSU. All of these designs feature typography design and layouts that I have created with photos by Lisa Criscione. I chose these specific photographs because they compliment the layout of the design …

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Manual Photography

This infographic is a great resource for beginners and professionals. The basics of manual photography can be a little tricky if you don’t have the hang of it yet. This can be used to learn the basics or for troubleshooting.

Companions for Comfort

This system is used to express the importance of companion animals and to inform handlers, businesses, and the general public. Through a series of posters, a Figma prototype, and an Instagram account all of the information one may need regarding these companions can be found through this system. This system is very helpful for those …

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These fun and unique type designs capture my love for travel. These were created using household items while exploring the importance of letterforms. These were created as a set to show how typography can create a sense of feeling.

App Design

This app design provides calming colors to help relieve the stress of busy everyday schedules. This design is created to provide a reliable calendar that you can have with you at all times through a mobile device.

Bottle Packaging

Packaging Labels True Blend Smoothies would offer a variety of flavors and special benefits to help balance your diet. The simplicity and contrast of the package design would allow the look of the fresh smoothies in the bottles to stand out. This product would be seen in stores and local fitness centers in order to …

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